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Thursday, 03 January 2013 13:28

Idle No More

As Canada prepares to take over – by mid-May - the chairmanship of the Arctic Council with a program focused on resource developments, the Canadian Government under Prime Minister Stephen Harper is being met with a series of protests from aboriginal leaders.

The Idle No More movement, as the protest movement has been named, sprang up in November 2012 in response to the omnibus Bill C-45 presented by the Harper government.

According to the protesters, the way the bill was presented and passed as well as what it says concerning the management of waterways fail to measure up to standards for democratic due process, in general, and for respecting the rights of indigenous peoples to consultation and prior informed consent, in particular.

The Idle No More movement accuses Harper’s government of failing to acknowledge aboriginal peoples’ right to benefit fully from resource development, and leaving aboriginal leaders out of discussions on how to develop the country’s natural resources.

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